ClariChem – All-in-One Lab Kit

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The ClariChem Originals All-in-One kit is the standard ClariChem Substance Research Reagent Kit containing:

  • Mandelin Reagent (25ml)
  • Marquis Reagent (25ml)
  • Mecke Reagent (25ml)
  • Simon’s Reagent A (25ml)
  • Simon’s Reagent B (25ml)

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Please note: We recommend that this kit is for use by experienced persons only. 
This kit is not a portable kit and tests should be carried out in a controlled environment with strict adherence to safety & instructions requirements.
This test is for the safe qualitative analysis of illicit substances in controlled environments and in no way condones usage or trade of illegal substances.
This reagent test contains toxic and corrosive chemicals. On contact, it will cause staining and damage, with a possible risk of burns. Take proper care to keep away from skin, eyes, mouth and clothing at all times. Do not breathe fumes or allow contact with skin or eyes. If possible wear protective gloves and eye or face protection.