The Whizz Kit – Unisex Urine Novelty Kit

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The Whizz Kit is the original refillable belt and the first unisex refillable urine kit on the market. This amazing package comes ready to use right out of the box.

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Comes complete with over 3 oz of toxin-free premixed synthetic urine two organic heat pads, easy to read temperature strip, 100% cotton detachable elastic belt plus a 60 ml syringe. The Whizz Kit is also known as The Female Whizzinator as it can be used by females instead of needing to buy The Whizzinator Touch which comes with a prosthetic. All detailed instructions included.  

The new refillable belt is a “gravity operated” device.  It delivers a toxin-free urine sample through a rubber tube that is part of a light weight apparatus which wraps around your waist and is worn under your clothing.  The urine is easily delivered by releasing the two clips that retain the urine in the bladder bag.  The refillable belt comes completely assembled and is very simple to use.

ALS Synthetic Urine contains ingredients found in natural urine like Uric Acid and Creatine. It is balanced for a specific consistency and Ph level whilst staying realistic with foam and a scent!