Reagent Pill Test Kits (Mandelin + Marquis)

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These Forensic testing liquids by Chemical Generation are a reliable and easy-to-use solution for testing your pills for harmful adulterants. Detailed instructions and a colour reaction sheet are included.



E: A quick and simple test (Marquis Reagent): The Marquis Reagent is a chemical spot test reagent that has been relied on by Forensic Police for over 30 years as the first line in presumptive identification of drugs and poisons. Marquis Reagent rapidly produces a colour response to a wide range of drugs and poisons.

E2: 2nd Defence (Mandelin Reagent): The Mandelin Reagent was first brought to the world market by Chemical Generation. This reagent was chosen by Chemical Generation due to its supreme selectivity and stability over other reagents. All other drug testing kit manufacturer’s around the world have followed suit and now produce a Mandelin Reagent, attesting to the strength of the science and technical expertise behind Chemical Generation.