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Breakfast Club

$35.00 Incl GST

Breakfast Club Premium E-Juice 70VG/30PG

  • Corn Drops – A sugar-coated toasted corn cereal with a fresh milk. It’s the spoonful after spoonful flavour you will have trouble putting down.
  • Apple Snaxx – A burst of cinnamon  and apple grained cereal doused in a bowl of milk. The cinnamon apple crunchy cereal is perfectly blended providing apple with a hint of cinnamon on each vape.
  • Froops – A dried fruit ring cereal medley in a bowl of fresh milk. The rainbow coloured frosted fruit cereal, provides tones of mixed fruit and citrus.
  • Turnt Berry – Crispy balls of sweet corn and berries in a bowl of milk. Imagine a bowl of sweet toasted corn with colourful berry cereal, drenched in silky smooth milk.

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Apple Snaxx – Cinnamon Apple Crunch with Fresh Cream, Corn Drops – Crispy Puffed Corn Cereal With Milk, Froops – Dried fruit medley doused in fresh off the teet milk, Turnt Berry – Crispy Balls of Fruit drizzled in milk & berry perfection, Vape Flakes – Sugar Coated Flakes with Whole Cream Milk