Ask Ed Marijuana Success – Ed Rosenthal

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Wouldn’t it be incredible to follow a master cannabis grower through his garden, exploring the opportunities and challenges each season brings? Now you can In Ask Ed: Marijuana Success, Rosenthal uses 20 cannabis case studies as a springboard for addressing the many concerns all small and medium-scale cannabis growers face.

Tour Ed’s clients’ facilities and his backyard experiments as the Guru of Ganja and his team work to design and build hydroponic systems indoors, harvest enormous plants efficiently outdoors, tweak lighting regimens in an effort to increase bud potency, breed all-female seeds, and improve growing conditions on-site, on a client’s grow. Each case study is accompanied by a range of “Ask Ed” questions, allowing readers to dig deeper into their particular growing concerns and quickly address conditions in their own gardens.

This visual behind-the-scenes look at Rosenthal’s work enables both hobbyists and commercial growers to experience first-hand, a range of growing environments and outcomes, across the different seasons. As with all of Ed’s books, his focus remains on the key takeaways of interest to every grower–improving and simplifying garden set-up, maintaining the garden in a manageable way, and improving quality and yield.